About Gramitherm® 

Gramitherm® IP & Technology have been recently acquired by Clean Insulating Technologies, a new Lausanne (Switzerland) based company.

The unique Swiss made Gramitherm® process allows to manufacture insulating boards made with natural grass «silage». These products can be used for new buildings as well as for renovations.

Gramitherm® is green as grass : Gramitherm® products  are 100% eco-friendly and demonstrate high insulation performance.



              •  A unique proposal of grass fibres thermal insulating boards
              •  A Swiss technology, based on natural “silage” grass sourcing
              •  100% healthy, ready-made for installation
              •  Residential & contract business
              •  New construction & renovation (floors, attics, walls)



              •  Performing thermal insulation: λ # 0,040 W/(m,K)
              •  Easy and fast to install (no protection equipment needed)
              •  Best in its category for grey energy performance
              •  Fully recyclable materials
              •  Neutral carbon footprint / 1ha # 200 m3 products
              •  Competitive prices to end-users and purchasing advisers

Gramitherm® is a global concept (grass is nearly everywhere…). Where there is grass, there is an opportunity to manufacture and market Gramitherm® products. Though global, this concept is locally sourced, manufactured and distributed.

Clean Insulating Technologies’ strategy is to have production units in priority countries (Switzerland, South of Germany and Austria) and to build worldwide partnerships through its licensing model.

The Process :

The Gramitherm® process extracts from raw grass cellulose fibres (used to produce Gramitherm®) and « juices » supplied to biogas units as energy booster or producing a nutritive concentrate for animal food (pigs and hens) which is currently under development and testing.

The Gramitherm® process secures a full utilisation of all grass components, and genarates high efficiency and added value to the raw material.

Our philosophy is to create value for our customers/partners and to moderate our impact on the environment.

The Gramitherm® patented innovation  is unique and based on 3 key steps :

              • the «silage» grass sourcing (partnership with local farmers) ; 1 acre of land will allow to produce 200 M3 of insulating products !
              • the grass fibres extraction from the raw material ; valorization of the « juice » ; drying and opening fibres
              • and finally the semi-rigid boards production (AIR-LAY process, thermobonding oven).

Gramitherm is Unlimited  (English PDF)


Gramitherm ® , a unique grass fiber insulation, has been awarded the Solar Impulse Efficient Solution label by the Solar Impulse Foundation created by Bertrand Piccard . https://solarimpulse.com/efficient-solutions/gramitherm

Following the example of his solar energy flight around the world, Bertrand Piccard wants to identify and label with the help of independent experts, 1000 solutions to preserve the environment: “Future is Clean”!

Today , solutions exist to preserve nature and they are also opportunities to stimulate economic development” B.Piccard

Clean Insulating Technologies (CIT) is therefore very proud that Gramitherm® receives the label “Solar Impulse Efficient Solution ” with:

* features :

Bio-based insulation

Thermal insulation against hot and cold

Humidity regulator

Absorbs noises

* benefits :

improvement of comfort in the habitat

Easy installation (without gloves, without mask) and nontoxic

Long life insulation (50+ years)

* benefits for the environment :

Valorisation of “grass waste”

Grass is present in abundance and with the greatest speed of renewal

Fiber production in a circular economy and respecting an ecosystem

Carbon scavenger: 1 kg of Gramitherm absorbs 1.5 kg of CO2-eq

* profitability :

50+ years insulation and dimensional stability / low cost over lifetime of the project


The Gramitherm® production unit will be based in Auvelais, Namur province, on an area of ​​4000m2 with an installed capacity of over 100,000 m3 / year of flexible panels.

Learn more about our new production unit